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Any architectural project tells a story, a story that starts with pen and ink doodles and finally ends with a powerful rendered image. During this process, the project is altered and modified by non-stop working on plans, elevations and sections until it has become mature enough to be rendered.

The positive aspect of architectural rendering, is that it provides the designer, client, or competition judge a chance to observe and examine the project appearing as though it has already been built. From a business standpoint, it is an excellent tool for clients who cannot relate to 2d images of plans and sections. Usually people understand 3D images better than 2D because their eyes are trained to understand and visually communicate better in 3D. (arch20)

Complete View

360° Rendering

From the raw architectonic plans received by the clients, typically constructor and architect studios, I create fully 3D-rendered projects that feature 360° virtual views of the architectonic environments: the user can explore them and get a truly realistic picture of how the project will look in the real life.
Thanks to my fifteen-years experience as architect and interior designer, I can offer complete interior design projects with a high level of detail and realism, always satisfying the guidelines and wishes of the client.

Virtual Reality


I offer as well virtual tours, which allow the user to walk through the 360° virtual views of the rendered environments.
In case of a new house project, for instance, the user is able to move through the most representative spaces, such as the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedrooms and the bathrooms. In so doing, it's possible to preview the actual organization of the spaces, evaluate different interior design proposals, agree modifications with the constructor / architect / designer with no risk of misunderstanding.

Use of VR headsets is also supported, which ensures a unique, fully-immersive user experience.

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