You see all this guitars are only for Ad Crew music team, since he can hardly play some drums and a little bit of Piano.
Ad Loves to Photograph other people, so he perform professionally on weekends Photo shootings in Studio or Outdoors.
These are the favorites fruits of Ad (*Citrus reticulata), better known as tangerines, mandarines, clementine, etc. Lots of vitamins, when he goes in tour.
This is a place about a kilometer away from where Ad lives now, he gets there with his longboard skateboard,(a place in Europe) he goes there early every morning and took the chance to make this picture.
Here are all Ad cables from his cellular phone till his microphone cables. Spaghetti mix!
Here Ad converts his input inspiration from paper into real voice.
This is the view of The Avila mountain from the house of Ad’s family in Caracas.
Here are translated Ad thoughts, ideas or vivid experiences of life into exciting text for his lyrics.
Ad like to think in a specific theme… and listen to lots of music directions to feel inspiration and create his own lyrics.
The Andean Flamingos are exotic and beautiful birds, which are portrayed in some many advertising campaigns about travelling. They are seen all over the American continent. Now Listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, the numbers of individual wild Andean flamingos has declined. Will you not missed to see them once you chill near a park?
Frogs are one of the species in danger of extinction; they are increasingly disappearing worldwide in mayor scale. Many people in different countries reported the absence of the little noise in their gardens. Have you noticed? The UV rays penetrate their eggs laying on Ponds, destroying the cells an making Genetic mutants in many of them. Guilty are our chemicals in water, pesticides and human exorbitant production of CO² gases.
The toucan is slowly disappearing, but quicker vanishing is its habitat. The tropical rain forests keeps the sustainability of this beautiful bird species. Sadly, the toucan are endangered. The feathers or anything on the toucan is usually sold or made into products. Luckily, the toucan has protected areas to live in. The toucan does not have many young, which can also be why it is more endangered.
Adrian Schafer Mathsion, real name of Ad mattson, was Born 1970 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is the fifth son of four brothers and one sister. Influenced in the very early years from the sounds of the wild nature on the tropics around him, the importance of the environment was always marked in his character, pressing infinite harmonious sounds deep in his mind.

He used to visualize the micro-cosmos world in form of analytical drawings which is another one of his very strong skills, the art of drawing. Later fascinated by music in the early age of his teenagers years, Adrian absorbed all the influences of the late 70,s, 80’s and 90’s music, new wave, rock, disco,funk, and electronic making the terrain ready for the future.

The science background of his mother a pharmacist (Nelly), a choir singer as well and the political view of his father, (Alfonso) a business man confronted by the irrationality and mismanagement of the system, press in his mind the cocktail mix for what was lying ahead. In 1991 after studying Industrial design Arts in Caracas made career as Art director for advertising agencies such as Warner Brothers and BBDO, making also TV commercials. Later he produced paintings and work in areas such as Packaging Design- graphics, fashion surf clothing, photography, apparel design and industrial design.

In 1996 Ad heads to US to learn English. He stayed half year living in Maryland, Washington with his beloved Mathison Family. That year he experienced the American life style.

In 1998 heads to Europe to study transport design, then in 2000 after completing a Master in Automotive design in Coventry, England acquires the title of car designer and performed for different car producers around Europe. In England a huge amount of good music influence his by now limited knowledge of American Music.

Ad lives in Germany, but he considers himself a Citizen of the world after living in two continents. In the last years the music has open to him a complete new universe to renew his love for the world and the people around him.
Ad plays Beach volleyball on the summer weekends, in a nice place nears from where he lives.. plenty of Sun, sand and Beach Volleyball action!
An Environmental Book written by Admattson
'An inspiring environmental novel that combines fairytale fantasy with present-day realities and future shocks.
In the year 2011 AD was approach by old friend Dany and his girlfriend, they want it to make a photoshooting for opening their clothing second hand shop called Verovintage. They were nice people,so Ad supported them.

Ad accepted to do it. After years of experience, Ad knew it was only routine so there wil be no complications at all. That day the shooting went smoothly.. But Ad did not know was about to happen to him.

Models came in and came out of the changing room. A few changes went on. Sudendly there she was ,a swift movement, a gesture with a penetrant look. A sweet smile, a powerfull personality, her skin was shinning like a velveteen. Her eyes were speaking french, they were almost magnetic. It was more than the normal fotogenic thing. It was maybe those tight leggins in the outside or the sinuos curves in the body of that incredible brunette. Her body was swiftly moving, drilling each of Ad senses.

Ad began something he has no experience since he was 15 years old. He have had an experience of intensive perception. An experience that change all his feelings at once. He want it to avoid it, but it was nothing he could do. He has fall in ‚FLASH LOVE‘ state of mind. A dreaming world , no bounds.

Now life was going at high speed, in his heart beating hard inside,the feelings were like a vulcano. He tried to contact her a few times, but his efforts were all not recognized. All media technolgy did not help, no even the powerfull FB or the old school email.

Now he was left only wih a intensive feeling inside of his heart and he need it to cut away, and there was only one way out. He need it, to singing it out! Its our society now so far away from normality, was Ad experience a prohibited territorium or was he living the unlimited bariers of the global world. Yes it was all that and it was real life too.
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Traveling to the moon
Candy Up Your Life
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